Ganter bridge

Ganterbrücke Simplonstrasse

Ganterbrücke Simplonstrasse

The Ganter bridge is part of the Simplon Pass road and the bridge with the biggest span length of Switzerland.

The bridge is located about 6 miles south of Brig and crosses over the river Ganter at 4780 ft. above sea level. The S-shaped bridge was designed by the architect Christian Menn and is 678 metres long. Because of the climatic conditions, construction of the bridge went on only 8 months out of the year and thus it took from 1976 to December 1980 to complete the structure.

The Ganter bridge is visually intriguing because the angular shape contrasts with the surrounding landscape and looks like a gigantic sculpture out of a 70’s science fiction film. Because of its form, the bridge is still debated among experts.

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