Guided tour about the storm catastrophe 1993 in Brig

In september 1993 the saltina river overflooded in brig the main bridge and distroyed the city center. On this guided tour you will see what caused the catastrophe and examine the taken measures.

The excursion starts at the main station – sebastians square (visit of the Bischofsmauer) – Stockalper Palace (there you will see a sequence on DVD) – Napoleons bridge – Grindji – the old saltina bridge till the measure-station – the highway bridge and back to the main station. The guided tour takes approx. 3 hours and is leaded by Mr. Peter Salzmann.

Focus on the guided tour:

  • Scenarise of the storm catastrophe (Book Friday, 23.9.1993)
  • Damages
  • Causes weather, geology, technology
  • Handling and cleaning, rebuilding
  • Constructional meausures as at Grindji, channel and bridges
  • What we learned for our daily life

More information about this may be available under Tel. +41 27 921 60 30 or

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