Ried-Brig und Termen

Ried-Brig and Termen

The village of Ried-Brig, just like its neighboring village Termen, has gone through a lot of change over the past 40 years. Formerly a farmer’s village, Ried-Brig turned into a modern village with more and more people choosing to live in this exclusive area. The sunny terrace overlooking the Rhone valley is also a perfect location for holidays in your own holiday apartment or chalet. Ried-Brig is very close to the skiing areas of Rosswald and Rothwald.

The municipality of Ried-Brig consists of many hamlets forming the village as well as some remote ones up or on the surrounding mountain, as well as the nearby Ganter valley and its impressive Ganter bridge.

The name Ried probably derives from the Alemannic reuten or roden (to clear). Ried-Brig received its village charter in the 15th century.


The friendly village of Termen is situated on the high plateau, called Brigerberg, just above town of Brig. Just like the neighbouring village of Ried-Brig, Termen has gone through tremendous changes over the past 50 years. Termen has some of the most preferred residential areas. Therefore, we recommend, you book your chalet or your holiday apartment early. From Termen you are minutes away from Brig and the ski- and hiking region of Rosswald at your back. We look forward to welcoming you.

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