In our hectic world, times of quiet and relaxation become more important than ever. Away from the noisy city, stress at the workplace and the human masses at airports and train and subway stations. Many holiday guests of us chose us because they can be in a place where time almost comes to a standstill. Our guests are not looking for bustling tourist destinations with masses of visitors, instead they are looking for a quiet oasis where they can hike and ski and enjoy the pristine setting amid snowy peaks. Ski tours, snowshoe hiking on the beautifully serene Wasenalp, part of the Rothwald winter region. Click here

Take the ski lift at the restaurant Mäderlicka up to almost 8000 ft.. Enjoy a tasty fondue, raclette or Röschti and local specialties in the restaurant. You will be captivated with the peaks and the surrounding landscape. We recommend make a stop on the Wasenalp. The restaurant ‘Wasenalp’ is known as a fondue paradise and a perfect stopping place after a strenuous snowshoe hike in the highest larch woods of Europe nearby. Newly weds, lovers and romantics will love a stroll in the moonlight winter wonderland and cuddle up for the night in their igloo – built for you from ice and snow and keeping you warm throughout the night.

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