On soft feet through winter landscapes

Enjoy the fascination of our winter wonderlands on soft feet: snowshoes. Feel the crisp air, glance at our majestic peaks on your hike. Snowshoe trails can be found in the area of Rothwald and Rosswald or on the Simplon Pass.

Our insiders’ tip: As a perfect ending ritual to a long hike, we recommend you warm up with a fondue and an exquisite glass of Fendant – and last but not least –  "a clear" one to warm up even more. See brochure can be found in the download area.

Be a responsible snowshoe hiker!

Snowshoeing is a huge trend. As a result the local wildlife and forests are impacted negatively. An information campaign by the local wildlife, hunter and forestry service aims to educate our guests on this topic. We kindly ask you to follow our guidelines and respect nature on your hikes, for your own safety as well as the future of our environment. More on this topic can be found here.

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