Hiking in Pristine Valleys...

We are a fantastic starting point to hiking tours all over the southern Swiss Alps. Experience the fascination of the majestic Aletsch Glacier or the world-famous Matterhorn. And you will find out pretty quickly that there is so much more to explore. The mountains are calling.

  • Wanderung
    Die Wanderung beginnt auf dem Simplonpass. Ob man beim Kulm, dem Hospiz oder beim Restaurant Monte Leone beginnt ist egal. Schon von Weitem sieht man in nordwestlicher Richtung den breiten Weg der in gleichmässiger Steigung die Bergflanke zum Bistinapass durchquert. Nach der «Bistina» steigt man ...
  • Wanderung
    The mule track over the Simplon, developed over 300 years ago by Kaspar Stockalper, has long handed over its economic importance to new roads. However, a few years ago it was reborn as a cultural hiking trail.
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